John Gerrard

Watson's glen, 13th hole, 6 iron 152yrds one bounce rolled 6 feet and in she went, titlist pro v 1

Lorne Rogers

August 13th 2019

Whitevale GC Hole #12 One bounce 2" from hole PW Front pin 135+/-

John Walsh

March 21,2018

Ridgewood Lakes, Orlando Florida John made the perfect shot of Par 3 # 17 with the wind gusting at 50 k per hour.

2015 saw two hole in ones.  Allan Bursey and Lenny Shearn

Allan Bursey

Sept 9 2015

Angus Glen South #17

146 Yards

7 Iron into a strong west wind.  Hit a very high shot over the large tree on the left in front of the  green, the wind brought it to a left middle pin.  The trajectory, and shot, was like in a dream . One bounce, three feet to the front left of the pin and it rolled in without touching the pin.

Lenny Shearn

29 Aug 2015

Silver Lake


8 Iron 145 yards

Pat Montague


Royal Ashburn


9 Iron

Titliest Pro V1

Talbot Boggs

14-July 2012

Woodington Lake - Legacy Course

# 3  

9 Iron hit the hole on the fly.

John Walsh


Oakridge Golf and Country Club

# 2

203 yards 3 wood.

Bridgestone Ball

Talbot Boggs


Angus Glen South 17th

120 yards Pitching Wedge

Nike Ball

Colin Lesch


Deer Creek North # 3 Diamond Course

Ron Hoff


RichmondHill GC

Talbot Boggs


Maples Of Ballantrae old 14th

Gerry Hoffe


Shelbourne GC 11th hole140 yrds 9 iron

Terry Lesch 


Hockley Valley 17th 137 yrds 9 iron

Ralph Leigh


Lakeridge Links 7th hole 118 yrds into a strong wind 9 iron

Ben Pacito


Parkview 189 yrds 5 iron

Peter Taylor

Barrie Country Club

7th hole 150 yds 5 iron. I hit it fat. 1971


Maples of Ballantrae

6th hole

September 2001