Allan Bursey

Oakrdige GC # 13  

Always exciting to get a hole in one.

It was  #13,  123yds into a prevailing 

wind. Gerry hit a 9 iron a mile high and the wind hit it halfway. It dropped straight down into the pond. I had pulled a 9 iron and decided to stick with it. The wind never bothered it. It came down 3 ft in front of the pin, popped out of a big divet and rolled straight into the hole. Crymble was sure it rolled in and I thought it was still in the divet. Crymble was right.

Not quite as exciting as my 1st on the 17th

at Angus South, but exciting. 

John Gerrard

Watson's glen, 13th hole, 6 iron 152yrds one bounce rolled 6 feet and in she went, titlist pro v 1

Lorne Rogers

August 13th 2019

Whitevale GC Hole #12 One bounce 2" from hole PW Front pin 135+/-

John Walsh

March 21,2018

Ridgewood Lakes, Orlando Florida John made the perfect shot of Par 3 # 17 with the wind gusting at 50 k per hour.

2015 saw two hole in ones.  Allan Bursey and Lenny Shearn

Allan Bursey

Sept 9 2015

Angus Glen South #17

146 Yards

7 Iron into a strong west wind.  Hit a very high shot over the large tree on the left in front of the  green, the wind brought it to a left middle pin.  The trajectory, and shot, was like in a dream . One bounce, three feet to the front left of the pin and it rolled in without touching the pin.

Lenny Shearn

29 Aug 2015

Silver Lake


8 Iron 145 yards

Pat Montague


Royal Ashburn


9 Iron

Titliest Pro V1

Talbot Boggs

14-July 2012

Woodington Lake - Legacy Course

# 3  

9 Iron hit the hole on the fly.

John Walsh


Oakridge Golf and Country Club

# 2

203 yards 3 wood.

Bridgestone Ball

Talbot Boggs


Angus Glen South 17th

120 yards Pitching Wedge

Nike Ball

Colin Lesch


Deer Creek North # 3 Diamond Course

Ron Hoff


RichmondHill GC

Talbot Boggs


Maples Of Ballantrae old 14th

Gerry Hoffe


Shelbourne GC 11th hole140 yrds 9 iron

Terry Lesch 


Hockley Valley 17th 137 yrds 9 iron

Ralph Leigh


Lakeridge Links 7th hole 118 yrds into a strong wind 9 iron

Ben Pacito


Parkview 189 yrds 5 iron

Peter Taylor

Barrie Country Club

7th hole 150 yds 5 iron. I hit it fat. 1971


Maples of Ballantrae

6th hole

September 2001